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BIG Winners

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As mentioned in our newsletter we have had to create a new section of the website to display recent wins at iNetBet..

Please read on to enjoy some amazing screenshots and testimonials.

If a screenshot has been provided simply click on the magnifying glass an image of the win will be displayed.

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
marcure Big Win on Real Series Slots Big Winner

"How nice to get an email like yours. Sometimes the casinos forget that we are really live people and not just an email address and a birth date. I'm sorry but I deleted my screen shot after I received my withdrawal, but I do have some words about the casino. iNetBet Casino is at the top of my list. Ever since I joined them, in 2017, they have been nothing but knowledgeable and friendly. I was very lucky and hit a jackpot over $2500.00. They put my paperwork in place and paid my withdrawal in a record amount of time. One of the best and most important points I can make, is that they are the only casino that did not take bonuses away just because I happen to win. They are great. Thank you iNetBet, "

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
mzmadmel Huge Slots winner (T-Rex)View Bonus View Bonus $15000

"I would like to say how much I love playing at iNetBet, the support is great and always very helpful, I have had some very good fortune over the past couple of months which has been a god send and ive even managed to book a holiday for the family with my winnings, Earlier today I was playing the slot T-Rex and managed to win more on a bonus round than what the jackpot was on so I thought I would share my fab screenshot with you, As always you have the best customer service and most friendly staff and I love the fact I am able to be part of it all. Thank you all so much and I hope to be submitting more winning screenshots in the near future,

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
aalaw93 Zhanshi $9603

"I'm so sorry but I play on my phone and I don't know how to get the picture but again I was shocked I saw the jackpot and just said to myself wow wouldn't that be something... then thought yeah right 2 jackpots never but as you can see it really happened! Again I'm so sorry about no screen shot Feeling very blessed! "

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
goldbaron357 Lucky6 & Royal Flush View Bonus View Bonus View Bonus $706

"You lucked out! I DID save a screenshot of my royal prior to this most recent one. The one I just had last night, I was not expecting it to happen so I was playing at my normal rate of speed, which, i was in shock I actually hit the royal as my new hand dealt. But, the royal before that, here you go :) Also, is a screenshot of my big bonus round win on the lucky 6... I got the lucky 6 spelled out, and this was the biggest single win I think i have had on a slot machine. It's my biggest jackpot ever, in my 20+ years of gambling. First ever royal on half dollars too. Anyways I thought you would like to have it since you expressed interest in past screenshots of any of my jackpots I had before. Thanks so much for being the best casino around!"

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
ritacoro Santastic $1283.75

"Hello Brian, I am so very sorry but I didn't take a screenshot of the win. I was in shock!!! You could of knocked me over with a feather!!! lol After the jackpot screen stopped, I think I hurried and clicked the button again. I'm not really sure, I was very pleasantly surprised to say the least. I didn't think of getting a screen shot until 10-15 minutes later LOL Thank you so much for your VERY fast payout. I think it was 2 or 3 days tops that I received my check. You guys are the best and very much appreciated!!! Thank you very much! "


Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
vipercia Count Spectacular Big win + multiple Slot wins since View Bonus View Bonus View Bonus View Bonus $1500

"I would like to thank INETBET for a wonderful time!! I took screenshots of the Count Spectacular win and saved them to my clipboard! I have windows 10 and can not find them, I have no idea where my clipboard is :) I enjoy playing here, I have cashed out every month since October sometime 2 or 3 times a month! I just cashed out another $450 today and $550 on 3/9!! Here are some pics of some wins!! I love INETBET!!"

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
daera Keno View Bonus $1200

"Hi there, I'm so excited, I won $1,200 on Keno from a $15 deposit! I really needed it right now. I was hoping to get lucky enough to cash out $100. Imagine my surprise when I seen a $1,200 win on Keno! I just thought I'd share. I was playing on your mobile casino, attached is a screenshot I took from my phone. Thank you! Thank you! I'm so excited! "

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
baitorbebaited Cash Bandits 2 View Bonus $760

"Last night I decided to try my hand at 4 slots at once since iNetBet offers that now. Started with $1 bets and did pretty well, raising my balance from $200 to over $300! During my Live stream at one of my viewers decided to suggest we change the slots up. I agreed and put in 3 new ones, including Cash Bandits. Well after only 15 spins I hit the bonus on a $1 bet! And to my surprise, my viewers and I managed to open not just the 2 small safes, but even the BIG safe for 70 spins all at x9! Had a big hit over $300 soon in with other nice hits to follow. Ended taking home a nice $761.60 for only a $1! Thanks iNetBet for making this possible!"

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
inetlots The Big Bopper $1156

"Oh I wish I would have taken a pic.... it was gorgeous!!!! The Bopper is always a fun game "

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
jdkaylor1 Samba Sunset View Bonus View Bonus $14,226

"Best payouts and support out there!! Here are some pictures that you can probably use? Let me know!"

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
dante5 Gemtopia View Bonus $Jackpot

"Attached is a screen shot of the "Progressive Jackpot" win. "I love Inetbet Casino" "

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
saralee123 Ritchie Valens View Bonus $583

"Just had to share my screen shot of a great win on the new game :) "

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
chrisalex Nova 7s $10,000

"I just wanted to write because I am so shocked and thrilled that i hit $10,000 on Nova 7 slot today- by far my biggest hit ever at any online slot and I have been playing for over a decade at all RTG sites. I just wanted to thank you for this great hit. I know it is random but I am glad that I hit it at Inetbet because I always get paid very quick"

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
dante5 Treasure Tree View Bonus $2000


Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
Poha28 Classic Slots $Jackpot

" I was down to my last few dollars and thinking this isn't go8ng to last long so what the heck let's play one of my faves. I clicked on the three stooges II and played .30 a spin thinking this is going to go quick and the next thing I knew jackpot flashed onto the screen ??. I was so happy that I was going to have funds to play during the holidays. See if have 10 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren so funds are very tight during the holidays. I have to say I couldn't have deposited even if I wanted to at that point. Thanks for a great holiday season inet and I look forward to the upcoming year once I recover from the holidays. You never know when it's your time to be lucky at inet it could be your last 2.00 that turns into a jackpot. "

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
philipa Crystal Waters Nice Hit

"Wanted to share this and OMG I can now pay off almost all of my Hawaii cruise.....I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!! This just made my day and you guys are the ONLY casino I will ever play at."

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
sette Just a nice email :) Various

""I am just writing this to let all of you know just how wonderful I think you all are. I realize that winning and losing has nothing to do with myself or with anyone that works at the casino, however I truly appreciate your company and every single employee that works there.This has been an extremely difficult year for my family and for me. I woke up one morning and couldn't see anything out of my left eye. A blood clot had formed and then burst with no warning and to this day, no reason as to what caused it. There had been some worry about the fluid building up and more clots forming and the closeness to my brain. My insurance only covered $486 out of the over $2000 cost. My husband had recently lost his job,again, and due to my health issues, I was only able to work 15 hours per week and didn't qualify for any disabilty or benefits. My parents were able to help us some financially. Luckily now, things have improved some and the concern isn't as high. Months later I went in for a doctor's appointment only to find a lump in my breast. Breast cancer runs in my family and my mother had battled, and won, three different times. I needed to have an ultrasound and a mammogram done, and my insurance, once again, only covered a small portion...$56 out of the $1900 total cost. Thankfully it turned out to be nothing. However, a high price to pay for peace of mind! I had been feeling very depressed and positive that things would only continue to go downhill. Recently, I have played at your site and have won, some very impressive amounts...according to my thinking! I would like all of you to know how much I enjoy playing here. I will NEVER go anywhere else and constantly recommend you to friends and strangers alike. You have truly truly made me believe again that no matter how bad things seem, something can happen to make things better. Again, thank you! "

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
sissyallicat Coyote Cash View Bonus $4272

""I only took a snap of the amount in the winning column, I'll try to send it ""

Player ID Game / Machine Jackpot / Win
lillyjclark Various Real Series Slot Wins View Bonus View Bonus View Bonus Over $26,000

""I took this with my phone. Check out the balance :)

I won the bulk of the money on Mayan Queen & Regal Riches ""

Congratulations to all of our recent winners. If any of you out there have a Big hit that you would like to share then simply drop a mail to our support team using the following link. Report your win. You can include screenshots and testimonials if you so wish and we will include these in upcoming newsletters or in our winners section. Any screenshots used will receive a little gift from us. (If you are not sure how to take one check out our Handy Hints page).

Here is a Jackpot Special for you to use to try to hit the next Jackpot. Simply click on the link below.

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